In the hills and remote communities of Guatemala thousands of children are clinging to their lives. Malnutrition and preventable diseases weaken them each day. Their parents are too poor to help them but thanks to people like YOU, we can rescue them with your help and nurse them back to health.

Each new day brings the urgent need to rescue a little one whose life hangs in the balance.  Support like yours answered over 3,000 emergency calls last year, but more children need urgent care right now.

Join Let Love International on our next mission trip to Hope of Life and you can help rescue a child by joining trained teams into some of the most remote communities of Guatemala, to find those who can only survive if they receive emergency help! Rescue teams use trucks, boats, donkeys, ambulances, and their loving arms to carry sick children to the hospital. 

Our last Child Rescue was In June of 2018.  We left the campus on a 9-hour journey.  We drove for a couple of hours by bus, then took 4-wheel drive trucks up a mountain, then hiked into remote villages and rescued 4 children who were dying from malnutrition.  We carried the children in our arms back down to an ambulance and then they were taken to St Luke’s Hospital on campus where they received the medical attention they needed. 

Thanks to the financial support and the physical labor of missionaries like YOU, over 28,000 children have been rescued through Hope of Life’s Extreme Child Rescue Program.