Dental Clinics   Breakfast With Children   Day Care
Let Love Int’l. will be opening two dental clinics in the Fall of 2018, in Peru. One facility will be located in Callao and the other in Chincha. These cities are located on the coast of Peru, close to Lima.  We are currently securing the necessary grants to equip  these clinics.   “Breakfast With the Children” (Desayuno Con los NiƱos) is an ongoing program in which 40 to 60 children are given a substantial breakfast every Saturday morning and are entertained with children’s activities.   The cornerstone of Let Love International’s Vision is “a world in which the Educational needs of all children are met”. What better way to accomplish this goal than to begin the educational process at the earliest age possible?

Baby Rescues   Building Mission Homes   Dia Del Ninos
In the remote communities of Guatemala thousands of children are clinging to their lives. Join us, as we participate in one of Hope of Lifes, Baby Rescue Missions. We will be hiking into the mountains and carrying children back to recieve urgent medial care.   Each year, on our Service Trips, we spend 2 days a week helping to build missionary homes. Just 2 days of physical labor can gve future missionaries a roof over the head when they come to the mission field.   “Dia Del Ninos" is an ongoing program in which we take certain days and we dedicate it to children in need. The above photo was during Christmas time when we brought the childrn some gifts.